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"What makes Canaan so engaging is that her pure honesty never disappoints. The truth can get awkward, but still retains high levels of humor. With this, she creates tension in the room and maneuvers through it perfectly."

- The Stellar Underground


Gracie fell in love with stand-up comedy in 2015 after discovering that it combined her three favorite artforms: writing, performance, and gaining validation from strangers. She has since performed at noteable festivals like San Francisco Sketchfest, Laugh Your Asheville off, has written and produced sketches that have appeared in places like Funny or Die! and in the Quickie Film Festival, and contributed satire pieces to Little Old Lady Comedy and WICF Daily. She was one of seven writers chosen for the prestigious NBC Late Night Writer's Workshop in August 2020.


Her style can be described as dry, cheeky, and by one audience member at a corporate event, "offputting." Her immediate life goals are to land a job in a writer's room, and to curb her frequent use of Good Will Hunting quotes in everyday conversation.

"She seems pretty cool and unassuming as she walks onstage and then BAM, you just heard a vagina joke."

- The Stellar Underground and the best thing that anyone has said about me

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